Pregnancy is an exciting life event for couples. Every couple wish to have a smooth safe delivery and healthy baby. Therefore it is important to seek early antenatal care so that the pregnancy can be well looked after and problems in pregnancy can be detected early and managed accordingly.

Early antenatal ultrasound scans are done to assess the number, site and viability of the foetus. Taking folic acid before and early pregnancy has been shown to reduce neural tube defects

Between 11-14 weeks, First trimester screening for Down syndrome can be done. It screens about 90 % of trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome). A newer test, Non invasive prenatal test which uses cell free fetal DNA to test for chromosomes can be done after 10 weeks. The test can be as accurate as 99% for Trisomy 13,18, 21 and sex chromosomes. It is becoming more popular as the test requires only blood test from the mother. The results are available with 10-14 days.

A detailed foetal anomaly screening ultrasound scan should be done between 20-22 weeks to ensure that the normal development of the foetus. Serial ultrasound scans are done monitor fetal growth. Sometimes, it is necessary to do Doppler blood flow especially the fetal growth is slow or the liquor volume is low.

During the antenatal visits, we, the obstetricians will discuss with you the plan for the delivery. Most cases, normal vaginal deliveries are planned but there are some patients who will require Caesarean section or even early delivery.